Voice APIs


The Voice API enables Voxbone customers to automate the ordering and configuration of phone numbers and channels. It is a SOAP and REST-based web service that allows Voxbone customers to integrate number ordering and configuration functions with any of their front or back-office applications. Communications between customer applications and the Voxbone API are secured through HTTP basic authentication over SSL. Our API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. JSON is returned by all API responses, including errors.

Getting Started


The API is accessible in two distinct environments, the production environment and the testing environment (Sandbox). You can also choose to access the API using REST or SOAP by specifying the protocol in the URL. The base URL for the API is: https://{environment}.voxbone.com/ws-voxbone/services/{protocol}/ In total there are 4 available endpoints, one for each environment and protocol: Both protocols share the same implementation behind the scenes – We have worked hard to guarantee that the choice of protocol would not affect your experience using our API. If both options are available to you, then our recommendation would be to use our REST methods.


To allow you to explore our API capabilities to the fullest without compromising your live inventory, we recommend using the sandbox environment. The Sandbox is an isolated environment for you to test your integration with the API without any risk. It comes with a dedicated web application where you can review the access logs and configure some settings specific to the environment. Requests made on the sandbox including purchases incur no real cost. The following “virtual” functionality is available on the Sandbox:

  • Add virtual funds to your account.
  • Enable or disable payment for new orders.
  • Review pending orders (orders created but not provisioned with numbers).
  • Create and review trunks.
  • Review virtual trunks.
  • Simulate verification or rejection for LAR addresses.
  • Review API access logs.
  • Simulate processing for monthly call detail record file requests (CDRs)

Authentication Mechanism

The authentication against the Voxbone API is done with Basic Auth. This type of authentication should be a straightforward operation in your language of choice, there are plenty of libraries available for many languages. If you cannot find a suitable library, or are simply curious about how it works, here’s a quick summary: The expected format is the following: Authorization: Basic BASE64(‘username:password’)

Security & Rate Limiting

For protecting both your apps and our systems, a 20 requests per second by client IP is performed on your API calls. If you send more requests to Voxbone API endpoints, your requests may be rejected by an HTTP 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded or HTTP 429 Too Many Requests in the response.