The CDRs module is aimed at letting you download monthly CDR files; it partly replicates what’s available on the web portal. It comprises 3 methods which are described below in the general flow.

CDR files are created when a request is placed through the API. These requested files are created within a time-frame that depends on your monthly traffic (anything from a couple of minutes to several hours). You can list the available CDR files to check whether the requested files have been created and then use the download method to download them. We keep CDR files in our system for up to 6 months.

The general flow is as follows:

  • Call the requestFileCreation method to make a request for a new CDR file.
  • Let our system build your file (time-frame depends on the amount of traffic for the requested month)
  • Use the listExistingFiles method to check if your file has been created, if not repeat step 2.
  • Download your newly created CDR file using the downloadFile method.
  • The downloaded file will be a compressed .txt.gz file which you can open with a program like 7-zip. The file will contain the same data that you can get on the web portal