These are the methods exposed by the Voxbone WebRTC object and provided by JSSIP.

Method Description
voxbone.WebRTC.init(voxrtc_config) Initialize the VoxboneJS object using voxrtc_config token.
voxbone.WebRTC.basicAuthInit(username,key) Initialize the VoxboneJS object using basic auth. Make a call to a Voxbone DID
voxbone.WebRTC.sendDTMF() Send digits as dtmf. digit can be a one char string : “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”, “9”, “0”, “*”, “#”
voxbone.WebRTC.hangup() Hangup an ongoing call
voxbone.WebRTC.mute() Mute the mic
voxbone.WebRTC.unmute() Unmute the mic
voxbone.WebRTC.isCallOpen() Checks the call status of the webrtc user. Returns a boolean
voxbone.WebRTC.isWebRTCSupported() Checks if client browser supports WebRTC or not. Returns a boolean
voxbone.WebRTC.rtcSession.terminate(); Similar to hangup, terminates the current session
voxbone.WebRTC.unloadHander() Takes care of terminating any ongoing call and pushes webrtc logs to Voxbone server. Sshould be tied to the page DOM unload event (onbeforeunload).