Our WebRTC library

Voxbone’s WebRTC SDK (also called voxbone.js) allows you to make and receive calls using Voxbone’s DIDs directly from any WebRTC-enabled web browser. Using this SDK and documentations, you will be able to create applications like Click to Call, Conference bridges and web-based call centers. Read the documentation to get an idea of what can be done!

The Voxbone WebRTC SDK uses a slightly modified JSSIP library. This means that you can also refer to the JSSIP documentation for additional feature implementation.

SIP brings greater depth to the traditional phone call as it’s able to set up set up video and audio multicast meetings, or instant messaging conferences.

Voxbone provides local phone numbers (DID) from 50+ countries that can be mapped to any SIP endpoint and have the calls routed through our IP Core backbone.

With our network and this WebRTC SDK, you will be able to connect the browser to legacy telephone networks like a PBX or even hosted PBXs like Asterisk. You will be able to create applications such as browser-based click-to-call buttons or conferencing bridge.