Provisioning API - Overview

The Provisioning API enables Voxbone customers to automate the ordering and configuration of phone numbers and channels. It is a SOAP and REST-based web service that allows Voxbone customers to integrate number ordering and configuration functions with any of their front or back-office applications. Communications between customer applications and Voxbone’s API are secured through HTTP basic authentication over SSL.


The API is accessible in two distinct environments, the production environment and the testing environment or Sandbox (See the dedicated section for more information about the testing environment). You can also choose to access the API using REST or SOAP by specifying the protocol in the URL. The base URL for the API is:


In total there are 4 available endpoints, one for each environment and protocol :

  • Production SOAP:
  • Production REST:

  • Sandbox SOAP:
  • Sandbox REST:

Both protocols share the same implementation behind the scenes, we worked hard to guarantee that the choice of protocol would not affect your experience using our API. We do recommend however that you choose the REST access if both options are available to you, as all the helper libraries we plan to release will be based on REST.

Available modules

The API features are grouped thematically in five distinct modules :

  • CDR: request, review and download monthly call detail record files.
  • Inventory: review the products linked to your account, list products available for purchase.
  • Configuration: manage and configure your numbers.
  • Ordering: purchase new products, review and manage existing orders.
  • Regulation: manage Local Address Requirements for your numbers.