Delivery Reports


    When configuring your SMS link on the Voxbone portal, you will be asked to supply CallBack URL to which we will send Delivery Reports for each of your SMS submissions. This will confirm whether your message reached has been delivered on your recipient’s device and provide some additional information. The parameters are sent via a PUT request to your Callback URL with the origin number and transaction ID appended and Voxbone will be expecting response 200 OK in return, or it will keep retrying every 15 minutes until the Delivery Receipt expires (up to 48 hours).

    Authentication and Callback URL

    Our network can send traffic to your server in HTTPS. It is up to you to configure your server accordingly and to configure your callback URL in the SMS link. TLS encryption will be used for delivering the POST request.

    You can choose to implement additional security and have your server respond with a 401 or 403 error with an HTTP Digest challenge instead of sending a 200 OK. In this case, our network will respond with the appropriate hash based on the username & password provisioned in the HTTP link.

    Delivery reports are sent to specific ports so when configuring your callback URL in your SMS link, make sure it points to one of the following ports: 443, 4443, 80, 8080, and 8443.