Receiving Delivery Reports


    Path Method Description
    /{orig_destination}/report/{transaction_id} PUT The delivery report is sent to the provisioned callback URL via a PUT request with the phone number and transaction ID appended

    Request Body Fields

    The Voxbone Delivery Report request includes the following parameters:

    Field Type Description
    orig_from String Voxbone did in +E164 format that the sms was originally sent from.
    delivery_status Enumeration Possible values: message_waiting, delivered_to_network, delivered_to_terminal, delivery_expired, delivery_failed, delivery_rejected, delivery_impossible, delivery_unknown
    status_code Enumeration Possible values: ok, accepted, bad_request, message_too_long, not_found, forbidden, limit_exceeded, overload, temporarily_unavailable, internal_error, unknown_error, timeout
    submit_date String UTC date corresponding to time voxbone originally received the message
    done_date String UTC date corresponding to time final delivery occurred

    Sample Request


    Sample Request Body

    “orig_from” : +3245546750,
    “delivery_status” : “delivered_to_network”,
    “status_code” : “ok”,
    “submit_date” : “2015-03-27 15:36:16”,
    “done_date” : “2015-03-27 15:36:16”


    Customer should always send 200 OK