Configure a DID to be SMS Ready

    The SMS Link is the first step for building your VoxSMS applications. This is where you configure your callback URLs and protocols used. In order to do this through the portal, please use the guide provided here – Getting Started with SMS

    To do this via the API, please follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Create an SMS Link using the Save SMS Link Group method

    This method that allows you to create an SMS link group. An SMS link group is an entity that contains one or several links. For SMS traffic coming from Voxbone to one of your DIDs, you need to link the DID to the link group so that the traffic can be routed to the appropriate destination. If several links are contained in the link group, the traffic will be load balanced according to the weight parameter defined in the links definition.

    Step 2: Configure the SMS Link using the Save SMS Link method

    This method that allows you to create an SMS Link. An SMS link is an entity that defines the direction of the SMS connection, the protocol type, and the connection details.

    Step 3: Map SMS Link to number using the Apply DID Configuration method

    This method is used to configure a single DID with certain settings. The possible settings that can be configured for each DID is listed in the method (link above). We use this method to apply the SMSLink created to a single DID or range of DIDs that supports the SMS feature.

    Your number is now SMS-enabled. Explore the next section to Send a message.