Checkout Cart

The Ordering module contains 10 methods that allow purchasing Voxbone services.

Checkout Cart API: This method allows you to checkout a cart and place an order for all the products contained in the cart. You can then retrieve your orders using the listOrder method.

It is currently possible to purchase DIDs even when Voxbone’s stock is empty. This will create a partial order and the DIDs will not appear in your inventory, they will be delivered once Voxbone’s stock is full again. It is extremely important that you implement the appropriate logic for your application when Voxbone’s stock is empty or low. Otherwise, you will enable your customers to purchase DIDs without seeing them in their inventory and confuse them, potentially creating a lot of unwanted orders. You have a few options as to how to implement this (eg. disable purchase when didGroup stock is low, or letting the customer know that his order will be fulfilled at a later stage.