Error Codes

Common error codes

Technical Name Error Code Message
WRONG_DATE_FORMAT 10 The date format is not correct. Please format all dates in the ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS’ format
WRONG_PAGE_NUMBERING 11 The page number must be a positive integer.
WRONG_PAGE_SIZE 12 The page size must be a positive integer with a maximum of 5000.
PAGINATION_OVERFLOW 13 Pagination overflow : the given page does not exist.
ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT 14 Illegal value.
NOT_FOUND 15 Not Found.
FIELD_REQUIRED 16 A required field is missing.
ILLEGAL_NUMBER_VALUE 17 Illegal value for a numeric field.
ILLEGAL_BOOLEAN_VALUE 18 Illegal value for a boolean field.
ILLEGAL_DATE_VALUE 19 Illegal value for a date field.
ILLEGAL_VALUE_JSON 20 The system can not process this value. Please make sure to use double quotes if the value is a string.
ILLEGAL_FIELD 21 Illegal element name. Please make sure that the given element is not already defined in your request or that it is an allowed element for this request.
MISSING_TAG_END 22 An end tag is missing in the request.
ILLEGAL_REQUEST_TYPE 23 This request type is not allowed for this URL. Please consult the API documentation for a list of URLs and allowed request types.
FILE_UPLOAD_FAILED 24 The file attached to this request could not be uploaded.
ILLEGAL_CONTENT 25 Illegal content:
EMPTY_REQUEST_BODY 26 The request body is empty. Your request is missing a body. Sandbox users: this can also occur when the Sandbox environment is down.

Regulation error codes

Technical Name Error Code Message
FIELD_MISSING 500 Missing field.
FIELD_SIZE 501 Maximum field size exceeded.
EXTRA_FIELD_UNEXISTENT 502 The address extra field does not exist for the country.
FIELD_INVALID 503 The field value is not correct.
EXTRA_FIELD_INVALID 504 The extra field value is not correct.
TEMPLATE_COUNTRY_INVALID 505 The country of the address should be the same as the destination country for the selected didType.
EXTRA_FIELDS_NOT_ACCEPTED 506 Extra fields are not accepted for the destination country and did_type.
INVALID_REGULATION_ADDRESS 507 The regulation address id is not valid, either it does not exist or the regulation address does not belong to you. Invalid regulation address:
LINKED_REGULATION_ADDRESS 508 Error during deletion, the regulation address is linked to one or more DID. Invalid regulation address:
UPDATE_NOT_ALLOWED 509 Update not allowed.
NONEXISTENT_ADDRESS 510 Invalid address id.
NO_REGULATION_REQUIREMENTS 511 This didGroup has no regulation address requirements.
VERIFICATION_ALREADY_REQUESTED 512 This regulation address must first be verified. Its verification has already been requested, therefore it will be possible to link dids as soon as it is confirmed.
MULTIPLE_DIDGROUPS 513 All the DID must belong to the same didgroup.
DID_ALREADY_LINKED 514 The DID is already linked. Please unlink it before trying to link it to a new address. DID id :
REJECTED_REGULATION_ADDRESS 515 The proof of address has been rejected.
INVALID_DID_LIST 516 Invalid DID id.
VERIFICATION_NOT_YET_REQUESTED 517 No request for verification was sent for this regulation address. It must first be verified before it is possible to link dids.
REQUESTED_VERIFICATION_TWICE 518 The verification for this regulation address has already been requested.
NOT_ALLOWED 519 This behaviour is not allowed
ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_NOT_REQUIRED 520 The following DIDs do not require address verification.
PHONE_NUMBER_WRONG_FORMAT 521 The phone number format should start with a + followed by 9 to 15 digits.
TEMPLATE_SAME_COUNTRY_INVALID 522 The country of the address should be different than the destination country for the selected didType.
STATUS_CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWED 523 The status is not allowed to be changed to: STATUS.
NON_EXISTENT_EXTRA_FIELDS 524 The country’s extra fields haven’t been provided.
PERSON_IS_A_MINOR 525 The entity must be 18 years old in order to sign a document.