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Porting existing numbers to our network is easy

Bring Your Own Numbers to the Voxbone party. Enjoy frictionless number porting with with our automated portability tool and API. We navigate the tangled regulatory web to deliver one simple and streamlined process, no matter the number. Another example of how we go to carrier hell so you don’t have to.

How do I port numbers in?

To port existing eligible numbers ot Voxbone, you’ll need to have the following details:

  • End user of the number(s)
  • Country
  • Number type
  • Area code
  • Current provider

The precise information required for portability checks depends on the local regulations in the country of origin for the number in question. The form on our dashboard will update automatically to display the required info for a given number.

Note: If you wish to automate this process, sign up for beta access to our Number Porting API. This will let you check portability and regulatory requirements, submit requests and list your existing requests.

Submitting a port request

Step 1

Log into the Voxbone portal and navigate to ‘New Port-in Request‘ under ‘Buy’ in the top menu.

Porting to Voxbone, step 1

Step 2

Here, you will be able to check eligibility for portability, as well as pricing and requirements. The first thing is to run a ‘portability check’.

Once you select a country, the form will dynamically update with the required fields.  To make things easier, you can submit a list of arbitrary comma-separated numbers or a range of sequential numbers. Click ‘Check’ to proceed.

Porting to Voxbone, step 2

Step 3

You will be presented with an estimated time frame to port your eligible numbers, plus pricing information. You will also see a list of required documents to proceed with the port. Choose ‘Next’ to proceed.

Porting to Voxbone, step 3

Note: Usually, required documents will include a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from your current provider as well as a last invoice as proof you are the owner or end user of the specified number(s). However these requirements can vary depending on the regulator in question.

Porting to Voxbone, step 3b

Step 4

Now, you will need to enter end-user details for the number(s) in question. This is required so that Voxbone can confirm ownership of the number with both the current provider and the relevant local authority. You can see a sample of the required information in the screenshot below, although the requirements can change depending on the market.

You will be able to submit a preferred porting date and a voice URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) so we can begin routing traffic on the number(s) to your network automatically once the port is complete. It is also possible to add an internal reference to the request for your records. Click ‘Confirm Request’ to submit a draft request.

Step 5

To complete the request, the final step required is to submit the required documents for your porting request. You will not be charged until the completed request has been submitted for processing by our dedicated portability team.

Once you have uploaded the documents, you will have a choice of either submitting the request now or saving it for later.

Porting to Voxbone, step 5