Getting user feedback from web callers

Getting customer feedback on your products or campaigns if often vital to understand how your product or service is doing and what you should do next.

Using the rating and comments feature of our SDK, you can ask questions to your users at the end of the call and gather feedback about anything you want to hear. This can be;

  • How happy are your customers about your product or service?
  • How effective was the contact centre agent in addressing your customer’s problem?
  • How was the quality of the call?

Getting user feedback from WebRTC, in 3 simple steps

Yep, it’s that simple.

Step 1 : Decide on what to ask

This is mostly relevant to your use case and the subject of the call itself. Since we were curious about the call experience, we ask about the call quality by default on Click2Vox. Think about what you want to ask to your customers. Please refer to our documentation here to change the questions asked on click2vox buttons.

Step 2 : Start getting feedback

If you are using our out-of-the-box calling widget Click2Vox, you just set rating variable to true or check the Ask for ratings after the call ends under Advanced Call Configuration on our widget editor on Voxbone Portal

 //all comments and ratings are linked to a unique call id and the DID
 //rating is an integer between 1-5 and comment is a string. url is the app's public URL to differentiate where the call came from
     voxbone.WebRTC.postCallRating(did_e164, rating, comment, url);

Step 3 : Start getting weekly feedback reports

We will deliver you a weekly report once you enable getting feedback with all the data you need!